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Table of Contents
December 2020 Volume 5 | Issue 3 (Supplement) (Page Nos. 1-54)
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Editorial ... p. 1
Sinerik N Ayrapetyan
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Biosketch of the Chief Guest ... p. 3
MB Patil
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Message ... p. 4
MS Biradar
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Forward ... p. 5
Shrilaxmi Bagali, Kailash Chadchan, Lata Mullur, RB Kotnal, Swastika Das
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Keynote 1: Human health effects of non-thermal electromagnetic radiation ... p. 8
David O Carpenter
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Keynote 2: Metabolic driving water efflux from the cells as a quantum sensitive energy barrier for virus infection ... p. 8
Sinerik N Ayrapetyan
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Invited lecture 1: Biophysical tackle with the SARS-COV-2 virus, means for treatment of Covid-19 at atomic and molecular levels ... p. 9
Hamid Mobasheri
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Invited Lecture 2: Endocrine disrupting chemicals in ocean ecosystem and human health risks ... p. 9
Atanu Sarkar
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Invited Lecture 3: Plant extract polyphenols and viral infections ... p. 10
Klarskov Klaus
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Invited Lecture 4: New diagnostic assays for COVID-19 ... p. 10
Sumanta Goswami
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Invited Lecture 5: 5G Technology and Public Health Hazard ... p. 10
Marko S Markov
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Invited Lecture 6: Environmental pollution and male reproductive health ... p. 11
Sharaine Fernando
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Invited Lecture 7: The Influence of Electromagnetic Pollution on Living Organisms ... p. 11
Nasrin Moazami
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Invited Lecture 8: Innovation and Exponential Technologies in the Era of COVID 19 ... p. 12
Mary Boghosian
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Invited Lecture 9: Prospects of immune correction of anti-viral resistance with cryopreserved products of cord blood in coronavirus expansion ... p. 12
Anatoly M Goltsev
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Invited Lecture 10: Radiofrequency radiation and distance between brain cells: could it be a biophysical approach for host cell and virus interactions? ... p. 13
Suleyman Dasdag, M Zulkuf Akdag, Veysi Akpolat, Engin Deveci
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Invited Lecture 11: Pakistan Response to COVID-19: Turning Calamity into an Opportunity The Current State: Challenges Ahead ... p. 14
Iqbal Choudhary
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Invited Lecture 12: Ergonomics and Health: Working from Home under COVID 19 ... p. 14
Somnath Gangopadhyay
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Invited Lecture 13: Emerging Role of Nitric Oxide on the occurrence of Metabolic Syndrome and cardiovascular disease ... p. 16
Md Iqbal Alam
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Invited Lecture 14: From insight to foresight? Some Lessons for 5G from other “new” technologies & agents ... p. 16
David Gee
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Identification of possible drug target for NMDA receptor and tau protein by insilico method ... p. 22
Prachi Parvatikar, Kusal K Das, Pankaj K Singh, Shashi Bala Singh
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Employment of old options to control novel coronavirus: Pros and Cons ... p. 22
Barsha Dassarma, Satyajit Tripathy, MG Matsabisa
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The 4Hz–Pulsing Magnetic Field (PMF) has Common therapeutic effects on Patients Subjected to Different Pain Stress ... p. 23
Naira Eloyan, Kusal Das, Vidya A Patil, Chandramouli Reddy, Sreepad , Gagik Bazikyan, Sinerik Ayrapetyan
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Biophysical insights to tackle with the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 by UV ... p. 23
Zahra Elyasigorji, Hamid Mobasheri
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Effect of L/N-type Calcium Channel Blocker (Cilnidipine) on Oxidative Stress in Nitric Oxide-Deficient Hypertensive Rats ... p. 24
Gouher Banu Shaikh, Surekha Hippargi, Dewan S A. Majid, MS Biradar, Kusal K Das
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High Protein Diet Ameliorates the Reprotoxic Effects in Male Swiss Albino Mice Exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted from Mobile Phone ... p. 24
Debajyoti Bhattacharya, Prerona Biswas, Somnath Gangopadhyay, Mausumi Sikdar (ne'e Bhakta)
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Environmental exposure to microplastics: a scoping review on potential human health effects and knowledge gaps ... p. 25
Arifur Rahman, Om Prakash Yadav, Atanu Sarkar, Gopal Achari, Jaroslav Slobodnik
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Quantum-Mechanical Sensitive Na/Ca Exchange as a Target for Pain Relief Effects of 4Hz Weak ... p. 25
Gohar Madoyan, Arevik Azizyan, Gohar Musheghyan, Sinerik Ayrapetyan
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Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the European Union: Analysis of the NORMAN EMPODAT database system ... p. 26
Om Prakash Yadav, Arifur Rahman, Atanu Sarkar, Gopal Achari, Jaroslav Slobodnik
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The Effect of Thermal Pain on Cisplatin Sensitivity of Rats Issues Hydration ... p. 26
Vahe Harutyunyan, Varditer Tovmasyan, Gohar Madoyan, Sinerik Ayrapetyan
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CD40 ligand dictated signaling bias ... p. 27
Akshata Ganesh Bammigatti
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Molecular Analysis of Neuronal Cell Surface Protein gene; Neuroligin 3 in Autism Spectrum Disorder ... p. 27
Rajat Hegde, Smita Hegde, Suyamindra Kulkarni, Pramod Gai, Kusal Das
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In search of aggression markers amongst Pre Pubertal Children of West Bengal: An anthropometric attempt correlated with biochemical analysis ... p. 28
Titlee Majumder, Subrata Ghosh, Somnath Gangopadhyay
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Screening of 35delG, W24X, W77X and Q124X Variants in connexin 26 gene associated with Non-Syndromic Hearing Impairment ... p. 28
Smita Hegde, Rajat Hegde, Suyamindra Kulkarni, Kusal Das, Pramod Gai, Rudragouda Bulgouda
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Analysis of the phytochemical profile of Terminalia chebula fruit extract with antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activity on breast cancer cell line ... p. 29
Sanakousar Patel, Sumangala Patil, Prachi P Parvatikar
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Casein fortified diet reversed the diabetes like changes induced by 4G connected mobile phone radiation in mice ... p. 29
Prerona Biswas, Debajyoti Bhattacharya, Somnath Gangopadhyay, Mausumi Sikdar (née) Bhakta
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2D-QSAR study of synthesized novel derivatives of 1,3,4- Oxadiazoles as anti-inflammatory activity ... p. 29
M Somashekhar, RB Kotnal
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Synthesis of 2-(2-(2-(Bis(2-chloroethyl)amino)ethoxy)benzylidene)benzofuran-3(2H)-one derivatives on the basis of benzaldehydes and acetophenones for its cytotoxic activity ... p. 30
Agasa Ramu Mahesh, Vedigounder Murugan
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Herbal gold nanoparticles for attenuating pandemic infection of COVID-19 virus ... p. 30
Mousumi Mitra, Dilip K Nandi
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Kinetics of CD40 induced anti-leishmanial immune response ... p. 31
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Diagnostic accuracy of placental growth factor (PIGF) in pre-eclampsia- A case control study ... p. 31
Sangappa Kashinakunti, Basavaraj Devaranavadagi, Ashalata Mallapur
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Molecular Profiling of FIX (FACTOR 9) Gene of Hemophilia B in Karnataka ... p. 32
Sujayendra Kulkarni, Rajat Hegde, Smita Hegde, Suyamindra Kulkarni, Sanjeev Kolagi, Pramod Gai, Rudragouda Bulagouda
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An Anthropometric study on facial index in chronic sinusitis patients of Raichur district, Karnataka ... p. 32
V Ravivarma, RS Bulagouda, NS Naveen, U Venkatesh, Sandhya
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Evaluation of the adaptogenic activity of Tecoma stans flowers extract ... p. 33
Savita Kulkarni, Shivakumar Hugar, VP Patil, HM Nanjappaiah
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Evaluation of the antidiarrhoeal activity of Careya arborea leaves extract ... p. 33
Santosh Hadimani, HM Nanjappaiah, VP Patil, Shivakumar Hugar
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Evaluation of the antidiabetic activity of leaves extract of Careyaarborea ... p. 33

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Effect of Sumanas, a polyherbal formulation, on learning and memory in animal models of Alzheimer's disease ... p. 34
Shraddha Desai, Shivakumar Hugar, HM Nanjappaiah, Virupanagouda P Patil
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Papilledema in a child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia during remission-A Case Report ... p. 34
C Vivek Nandini Reddy, MH Patil
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Outcomes of external DCR with primary silicone stent intubation in cases of chronic dacryocystitis ... p. 34
Sunil G Biradar, Mariam Mercy Varghese
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Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Activity of extract of Aegle Marmelos fruit and leaf in Wistar Rats ... p. 35
Shivaraj S Kapase, Shridharkumar Biradar
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A Rare Case Report of Morning Glory Syndrome in North Karnataka, Vijayapura ... p. 35
Sunil Biradar, Magna Mary Kuruvila
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Sirenomelia: The mermaid syndrome - A rare case report ... p. 36
Shreedevi Kori, Lathavarma
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The utility of Foot Length as a Non-Invasive Anthropometric Measurement in Neonates Admitted in NICU in A Tertiary Care Centre in North Karnataka, India ... p. 36
Tanmaya Tyagraj, Siddu Charki, Vijaykumar Biradar, MM Patil, Trimal Kulkarni, SS Kalyanshettar, SV Patil
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Conservative surgical management of a ruptured non–communicating rudimentary horn of pregnancy at 13 weeks period of gestation in previous caesarean delivery – A Rare Case Report ... p. 36
T Sai Tejaswi, Rajasri Yaliwal, SR Mudanur, Aruna Biradar, Shreedevi Kori, Shivakumar Pujeri
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Interesting case series of severe anemia with marrow suppression ... p. 37
P Jagruthi, RH Gobbur, AS Akki, MM Patil, SS Kalyanshettar, SV Patil
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Pregnancy with pancytopenia: An Observational Study ... p. 37
HS Sridevi
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Why do mothers die? An analysis of maternal mortality over 7 years of in a tertiary care teaching hospital ... p. 38
Rajasri Yaliwal, Jada Susmitha
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Altered cerebro-placental ratio is an early marker of adverse pregnancy outcome–a prospective study ... p. 38
Soumya S Patil, SR Mudanur
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Trend of ocular trauma in patients attending Shri B.M. Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Vijayapura during COVID -19 pandemic ... p. 38
K Vallabha, Piyushi Sao
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Drug Therapy Optimization and Impact of Counseling on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Antenatal Care among Pregnant Women ... p. 39
J Seema, SZ Inamdar
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Retinitis Pigmentosa with Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Ushers Syndrome ... p. 39
MH Patil, Piyushi Sao
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Enzymatic and histopathological changes in rat liver exposed to prenatal radiofrequency electromagnetic field: 3 generations ... p. 41
Fazile CANTURK TAN, Süleyman DAŞDAĞ, Gözde Özge KORKMAZ, Betül YALÇIN, Arzu Hanım YAY, Osman Çağrı İLHAN, Muhammet Ali GENÇASLAN, Burak TAN
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Vascular ageing: A relationship between vascular stiffness and erythropoietin among different age groups of male and female participants ... p. 41
Jyoti Khodnapur, Kusal K Das
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SARS CoV-2 associated hepato-renal dysfunctions ... p. 42
Dilip Kumar Nandi, Mousumi Mitra
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Association of glucose homeostasis measures with heart rate variability (HRV) among hyperlipidemic rat model: protective role of Emblica officinalis ... p. 42
Pallavi Kanthe, BS Patil, Sumangala Patil, Kusal K Das
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Histomorphometry of thyroid gland in different weeks of gestation ... p. 43
Bheemshetty S Patil, Pallavi Kanthe, RS Bulagouda, Kusal K Das
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The protective role of black tea extract against indomethacin-induced toxicity in the prostate gland of rats ... p. 43
Ishwar B Bagoji, GA Hadimani, RS Bulagouda, MK Qureshi, Kusal K Das
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Menstrual Morbidities, Menstrual Hygiene, Cultural Practices during Menstruation, and WASH Practices at Schools in Adolescent Girls of North Karnataka, India: A Cross-Sectional Prospective Study ... p. 44
Rajasri G Yaliwal, Aruna M Biradar, Shreedevi S Kori, Subhash Chandra R. Mudanur, Shivakumar U Pujeri, Mohd Shahnnawaz
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A Prospective observational study of single-dose prophylactic antibiotic in caesarean delivery and its effect on maternal infectious morbidity ... p. 44
Shreedevi Kori, Aruna Biradar, Dayanand Biradar, Subhash Chandra R Mudanur, Neelamma Patil, Rajasri Yaliwal, HS Sridevi, Susmitha Jada
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Apixaban linearity profile for hydrotropic solubilization ... p. 45
Santosh Karajgi, Shripad Potadar
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Challenges of pregnancy during the covid19 pandemic and Lockdown–a cross-sectional study ... p. 45
Rajasri G Yaliwal, Aruna M Biradar, Shreedevi S Kori, Subhash Chandra R. Mudanur, Shivakumar U Pujeri, Shailaja R Bidri, Neelamma G Patil
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IV Paracetamol versus Oral Ibuprofen for Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Neonates Admitted To a Tertiary Care Centre in North Karnataka, India- A Randomized Control Trial ... p. 45
Siddu Charki, Trimal Kulkarni, Vijayakumar Biradar, MM Patil, SS Kalyanshettar
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Coronary microvascular remodelling in low oxygen microenvironment: Role of cilnidipine, a dual L/N type calcium channel blocker ... p. 46
Shrilaxmi Bagali, Akram Naikwadi, Kusal K Das
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Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some new Quinixaline derivatives ... p. 46
Shripad Potadar, Ramaling Kotnal
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A randomized controlled trial of 3 IU Intravenous oxytocin bolus with 7 IU oxytocin infusion versus 10 IU oxytocin intramuscular in the third stage of labor for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage ... p. 47
Shivakumar Pujeri
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Vitamin D deficiency and Body Mass Index– A Hospital-based correlation study ... p. 47
Deepa S Sajjanar, GV Naregal, BB Devaranavadagi
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Interplay of oxidative stress and nitric oxide synthase gene expression on cardiovascular responses in preeclampsia ... p. 47
Anita Herur, Manjunath Aithala, Kusal Das, Ashalata Mallapur
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Pregnancy with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus– An Enigma- A Case Report ... p. 48
BS Gamini, Sangamesh Mathapati, Aruna Biradar, Preeti Patil, Shobha Shirgur, SR Bidri
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Estimation of the prevalence of metabolic syndrome among 1st year medical Students of a medical college in North Karnataka, India ... p. 48
Anita Teli
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A Prospective Cohort study of determinats in outcome of Tubal Recanalisation ... p. 49
Laxmi Sangolli
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Alteration in lipid profile and lipid indices as cardiometabolic risk markers in psoriasis ... p. 49
Neela Mannangi, Basavaraj Devaranavadagi, Balachandra S Ankad, BB Mahantesh
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Development and Evaluation of Medication Reconciliation Checklist Tool to Improve Patient Safety ... p. 50
SZ Inamdar, G Sri Lakshmi, K Pradeepthi, RV Kulkarni, RB Kotnal
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Significance of nucleoli in invasive carcinoma breast–A novel parameter under study ... p. 50
Satish Arakeri
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Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Potential Antioxidant Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Novel Synthetic Flavonoid ... p. 50
Prabhulingayya S Bhixavatimath, Yasmeen Maniyar, Akram Naikwadi
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Evaluation of Vitamin D in Diabetes in STZ induced Diabetes Mellitus in rats ... p. 51
Gurudatta Moharir, Akram A Naikwadi
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Topical insulin and normal saline in chronic diabetic foot ulcers- A Prospective comparative study ... p. 51
Dayanand Biradar
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Right sided sigmoid colon and oblique descending colon with its embryological basis and clinical significance ... p. 52
Ashwini Nuchhi, Sandhya Yatagiri, RS Bulagouda
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Re-Emerging Diphtheria: Clinical profile and outcome in Children with Diphtheria ... p. 52
VJ Prakash, SV Patil, SS Kalyanshettar, MM Patil
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Development of a tool to objectively identify normal human voice ... p. 53
HT Lathadevi, SP Guggarigoudar
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Role of cilnidipine on quantification of apoptotic cells in the brain of N-nitro-L-Arginine Methyl Ester (L-NAME) induced hypertensive rats ... p. 53
Surekha B Hippargi, Gouher B Shaikh, Kusal K Das, RM Potekar
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